New Jersey Home Energy Solutions

Customer Testimonials

"We recently engaged NJHES to do a complete interior and exterior renovation of an early twentieth century stick framed structure. Our aim was to complete this project retaining the original charm of the building with a focus on high efficiency insulating and mechanical systems. The savvy renter would appreciate these things. Although they are completely different buildings, my own home was built in the same time period and is the same square footage. The renovated property is heating at less than 25% of the cost of my home, and the craftsmanship is superb."

Evan Brownstein
B. Beamesderfer Gallery

"We have used Wayne owner of NJHES for a number of jobs, and will continue to turn toward him. Not only is he a skilled craftsman - he can build anything - he is good at helping his clients think through solutions to their problems and at explaining the various options for remedying them. Wayne's commitment to energy efficient homes and to sustainable products whenever feasible gives him a complete package. He is an ideal choice for any remodel, or improved energy efficiency project."

H. Green
Highland Park