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Heating / Cooling

NJ HES is a contractor for high efficiency Heating, Cooling, and domestic hot water needs. Our team has fast answers on the smart choice for your comfort and efficiency needs.


Recently a NJHES client had his boiler installed in a home that was under construction. He sent an email to his builder with our recommendation to upgrade from an 82% efficient model to a 93% efficient model which we spec'd. This represents an 11% difference in fuel consumption for the life of this heating system. The builder failed to upgrade the unit and the client appears to be stuck with this boiler. Many homeowners are sold replacements for heating, cooling and domestic hot water needs that are not in their best interest. NJHES will expertly install the right equipment for the application with your long term savings always in mind. We can accurately explain efficiency upgrades and what they really mean for your pocket.

Right Size

Most heating and cooling systems are not sized properly for their application. This can result in decreased efficiency, moisture issues and decreased equipment life, all of which affect your bottom line and perhaps your health. Inefficient and improperly sized equipment continues to be a somewhat tragic missed opportunity to lower energy consumption in America. NJHES can right size your equipment for maximum efficiency, performance and longevity.

Duct design in forced air systems or lack there of also plagues most residential buildings today. Undersized supply ducts put energy draining restriction on air flow. A general lack of calculation on the installer's part, or cost constraints imposed by the builder often causes problems.


Careful design of your heating system starts with proper load and loss calculations, but that's just the beginning. Picking the right delivery system and laying it out correctly for good distribution dramatically affects how it performs on all levels, including comfort. When you are comfortable you might actually be able to adjust the temperature settings to more economical settings.