New Jersey Home Energy Solutions

About Us

NJ Home Energy Solutions is a high performance home/commercial retrofit and building company. The owner is a Rutgers Economics alum that started as a residential remodeler of older and historic homes in Highland Park NJ. With craftsmanship and continuing education always a passion and a priority, a transition into the home performance industry was begun in 2005. Our aim has always been to provide the best craftsmanship and customer service in our industries.

We are proud to be part of an exciting nationwide effort to dramatically reduce the energy consumption in homes and commercial structures. 30-50% is a very common result. Our goal is to offset what will be an increasing demand for fuels globally and open new avenues of personal saving for the home and business owner, the people who drive our economy. There is a direct connection between a more efficient America and an America that is cleaner, greener and more prosperous.

The results of our work, while making your home more efficient, also increases comfort. "Finding an investment that gains you comfort while providing a great return, is a find indeed."