New Jersey Home Energy Solutions

Do you like free Money?

Your home could produce positive cash-flow when you borrow money for energy improvements. The interest and principal on your monthly payment is often less than the monthly energy savings in an in-efficient home.

Too Drafty for Comfort?

Let us solve your draft problems. We'll increase your comfort while maintaining a healthy balance of fresh air. Reduce the airborne allergens and your utility bills too!

Did you know that your home may be able to produce a higher return than any of your typical investment vehicles? Often, payback periods for energy improvements happen in 3-5 years. This 3-5 year payback corresponds to an incredibly high 15-25% Return On Investment.

Each style of home has it's own typical energy issues. Each style then has a number of factors which further complicate proper diagnosis and remedy. Add differences in construction quality, the whimsy of the builder and perhaps his sub-contractors, changes to the structure throughout it's life, and localized conditions.

You deserve to be comfortable in your home! You can decrease your energy costs while increasing comfort. We listen carefully to what your exact needs are. For every client that comes to us for financial reasons, there is one that calls with concerns about comfort. NJHES can help you with both.

Our Services

  • Energy Audits on existing structures (BPI Standards)
  • Energy Modeling for new construction (HERS rating)
  • General consulting for high performance buildings.
  • Cellulose and Spray-Foam Insulation including
    hybrid systems.
  • Air-sealing for efficient and healthy homes.
  • Indoor air quality consulting and install of
    ventilation (HRV's, ERV's)
  • Installation of high efficiency heating and
    hot water systems

Customer Testimonials

"We recently engaged NJHES to do a complete interior and exterior renovation of an early twentieth century stick framed structure."

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